The alarming gambling problem in Iceland and what’s being done about it


Gambling is any game where you bet money or valuable objects to win more money. Most adults get introduced to gambling activities. While some do it for fun, some get addicted, which is a serious problem. Gambling is in all parts of the country, but it is increasing in Iceland. Let’s learn more about the alarming gambling problem in Iceland and what’s being done about it.

Gambling in Iceland

Gambling is completely banned in Iceland and considered illegal. Though it is unlawful, slot machines are still in operation. The University of Iceland is a public service organization permitted to run slot machines and lottery tickets to raise money for the university and others. The operators have now expanded their gambling to online games and opened casinos.

prevent gambling addiction

Why is it an issue?

Gambling is illegal in Iceland, but some slot machines are still operating. Now, the operators are found involved in casinos and are addicted. So the university is taking measures to tackle illegal activity. Research says that 60 per cent of the fund from slot machine comes from people with gambling problems. It reflects the state of gambling addiction in Iceland.

Economic crisis

During the economic crisis in Iceland, the country lost more than half of its currency value. There was an increase in domestic goods and household debts. Despite the issue, people were involved in gambling as they were facing a financial crisis. It is an example that shows how gambling is destroying families in Iceland.

Gambling Therapy

With the increasing addiction, Iceland’s gambling epidemic-a sign of deeper problems. To prevent this gambling addiction, the control group in Iceland are working against it. Their goal is to educate them about addiction and its preventive measures. They work to protect compulsive gamblers from addiction and also prevent people from becoming one.

Gambling seriously affects Iceland, with the increasing number of gamblers. Research says that over 2000 people in Iceland suffer from gambling addiction. The only way is to create awareness and restrict access to gambling. The government and other organizations are working to prevent gambling addiction.


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