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Welcome to Ahus, the website that will be your best guide in your quest for the suitable online casino. Here you will find detailed reviews for the best online casino, betting articles, experts blogs, inside information on every betting company and the latest news from the gambling industry.

Ahus also acts as a community where the players can express their opinion. You can talk about your experience with each casino, you can rate and leave your comments for every operator and we commit to publish them. After all, on Ahus we believe that your voice is far more important than any review and that you must be heard.

But who exactly are the Ahus team? The website is created by people who have an experience of over 15 years in the betting industry, with most of them working in leading positions at well known gambling company. This alone means that they are… betting insiders and they will provide the most exclusive and up-to-date info. Moreover, they own the greatest network of gambling websites in Greece.

If you need more reasons to keep visiting us, then you can check the most important ones below:

1) Casino rating

This tool gives you the chance to choose the most suitable casino by sorting the operators in 20 different ways. Is the overall rating the most important element for you? Or perhaps the rating about betting Markets, Odds, Live betting, License etc.? Either way, you are free to make your choice. Moreover, you can take a look at the guide, that will help you view every important criterion, before you choose a certain casino or not.

2) Rating changes

Every new feature, added or removed by a casino, has an impact on their rating. This tool will help you stay up to date with any changes and fully comprehend why the rating has changed, while at the comment section you will be informed for the exact change. This way you will be protected from scam and slow paying casino or be the first to know about the “next big thing” in the industry. This tool is also based on players’ comments and reviews, meaning that your ratings will either boost or devastate the casino.

3) Exclusive Bonuses – Promos

This is something that every bettor is bound to love. Our marketing team is out there searching for exclusive and profitable offers, so stay tuned, since the number of people that will get these offers may be limited. You can stay one step ahead by submitting your email on the newsletter page.

4) Head to Head

The name says it all. Click on the dropdown menu to choose your favorite casino. This innovative service compares all the important features that the selected casino offer, as well as their ratings. You can view any advantages or disadvantages of the casino and find which characteristics/features best suit you.

5) Casino reviews

All you need to know about the most respected and upcoming casino can be found here. Every bit of information, as well as our expert’s, opinion. Everything is written down in an unbiased, independent, even perhaps caustic (when deemed necessary) manner, in order to help you make your choice the proper way. You can additionally, click on the “players reviews” tab on every casino’s page to read all the latest comments and submit yours.

6) Casino finder

This is the the ultimate casino search engine that can help you quickly make the best choice on any casino. You can adjust your search by choosing between your chosen currency, your preferred language, the payment methods (deposit and withdrawal methods), the casino’s payout and of course the Ahus rating.

7) Bonuses – Promotions

In this section you may find all the different bonuses and promotions that are offered from the online casino. Are you looking for a betting bonus? Maybe you need a reload, a loyalty, a VIP bonus or even a specific kind of promotions (free bet, enhanced odds, etc.)? You can find every offer here, with all their details and special terms.

8) Payments

Regardless if you are an old school depositor or someone who likes to use every payment method at his disposal, you are sure to be impressed by what you will find on this section. Detailed information about all the casino’ payment methods, min and max deposit/withdrawal limits and transaction costs.

9) Betting guide

You might logically think that you could use some helpful tips in order to take advantage of all the previous info. What could be best than a detailed guide that will properly direct any novice or experienced bettor, on the path to bigger earnings? Worry not, because Ahus is here for you. Our team will frequently publish some really useful guides and strategies that will surely help you improve your game. Stay tuned!

10) News

Last but not least, on this section you will find all the latest, hottest news from the betting industry and inside information on any casino, that will keep you one step ahead.


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