A Guide to Understanding the Legality of Online Gambling In Iceland


Many gamblers ask whether online casinos: legal or illegal in Iceland. The government of Iceland treats online gambling as an illegal activity. There is some reason it is treated as illegal. A brief explanation is given below:

Online Casino in Iceland:

As of now, there is no licensing cycle for online casino gaming in Iceland. This additionally intends that there is no controller to control casino suppliers’ operations. The government is thinking about regulation to set up a legitimate system in Iceland, including proposing to license online casino suppliers.

Be that as it may, endeavors are painfully slow, and who knows precisely how suppliers can get a license and what guidelines will be set up to ensure consistency. Meanwhile, players in Iceland should get to games through offshore administrators.

It means a lot to note that Iceland depends on the laws of the European Economic Area; players are not prosecuted for playing online casino games through foreign-based sites.

laws of online casino in Iceland

With state-operated sites, including the lottery and sports choices, there are major areas of strength for player security. For offshore sites, players are basically all alone. Pursuing another player account with a trustworthy offshore supplier means quite a bit.

Sites with a decent standing will ensure that you appreciate gaming with a first-class supplier. Search for sites with licensing in secure purviews for an additional layer of security.

Laws about the Online Casino in Iceland

Toward the start of the last century, Icelanders were participating in foreign lotteries, causing the specialists worries about a progression of capital leaving the country. This prompted the country’s most memorable gambling law in 1926, which stated that any gambling operation in Iceland was unlawful without explicit consent and that any support in foreign lotteries was additionally unlawful.

Notwithstanding, a conversation-driven in Congress in 1933 permitted the College of Iceland to begin working a month-to-month lottery. Beginning around 1933, just five different licenses for gambling operations were given, each by a particular law that indicates the kind of gambling taken into consideration in each license.

Hence, Iceland’s gambling strategy could best be portrayed as a licensed-based monopoly framework where certain non-governmental foundations or good causes are licensed to work particular sorts of gambling to support their organization.

In this way, today’s legitimate gambling market comprises three-month-to-month lotteries, electronic gambling machines, scratch cards, Public lotteries, Viking lotteries, Euro sports and jackpot pools. Thus, there are some reasons why online gambling is legal in Iceland, with certain limitations.


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