Garcinia Cambogia Benefits: What you should know!

What is Garcinia Cambogia one might ask? Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that grows in the Southern parts of India and some parts of Asia. The fruit is usually compared to tamarind and is visually similar to a pumpkin. It was until recently the weight loss benefit of the fruit was noted. Traditionally the fruit was used as a laxative treating problems like constipation. The fruit’s extract caught the attention of researchers as a safe weight loss alternative. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is an active weight loss compound found in the fruit. The compound has helped soar the popularity of the fruit and here are some Garcinia Cambogia dr oz benefits.


Fat Blocker

HCA an active compound found on the fruit blocks fat by suppressing fat intake. When one takes their meal, the nutrients are stored for later use. The body, however, cannot store carbohydrates and sugars. The has to convert them into fats so as to store the excess carbohydrates and sugars. This, however, contributes to gaining weight. This is the reason you will note that you are gaining weight despite avoiding fatty foods. HCA, however, inhibits the process of converting carbohydrates and sugars into fat(citrate lyase). The body now will have to get rid of the excess carbohydrates and sugars as they can’t be stored. If you are looking to reduce weight gain, then this process will ensure that you aren’t wasting your time with work sessions.

Suppresses appetite

Low serotonin levels in the body contributes to excessive eating. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that make the brain feel good. Low serotonin means that the brain isn’t feeling good.

Low serotonin translates to anxiety and depression. When the brain lacks feel good neurotransmitters, it induces stress eating. Most anti depressant drugs increase the level of serotonin which in turn reduces depression. HCA suppresses one’s appetite by increasing the production of serotonin. The brain then doesn’t have an urge of increasing food intake.

Fat burner

Working out is one way of burning fat. We spend hours on end in the gym trying to shape, but sometimes it seems we aren’t shedding excess fat. Studies show using Garcinia Cambogia we burn more than when one is on a strict diet and is still hitting the gym. HCA helps in burning excess fats, and thus, we end having that body we desire in no time. Excess fat makes us lazy, and we have difficulty in concentrating. Try out Garcinia Cambogia and see its benefits.

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A simple 21 Day Fix Restaurant Guide

21 Day Fix Restaurant GuideDo you love the 21 Day Fix nutritional program? Do you find it easy to plan your meals using the portion control system?

This nutritional program is incredibly easy to follow, and it makes meal prep simple and fun. By giving you full control of your food portions, 21 Day Fix ensures that you can develop a habit of clean eating. In fact, this simple program teaches you how to control your portions even without the color-coded containers.

This means that you can eat out without worrying about straying from the program. But what if you do not know how to calculate your portions without the container? What happens when you are new to the program and are still unsure of what you can and cannot eat?

Well, I have a short restaurant guide for you, which will give you direction when you are eating out.


Restaurant Guide: DOs

  1. The most important tip you need to remember is to plan ahead. What this means is that you should already know what to expect before you head out to the restaurant, so that your choice fits within the program. Luckily for you, most restaurants have an online menu, allowing you to peruse the foods available to you.

You can then base your choice on the containers available to you for that meal.

  1. When it comes to the red container, I would advise you to go with a baked or grilled protein. Whether it is seafood, beef, chicken, or turkey, ensure that it has been baked or grilled. This is because these 2 cooking processes use little oil and fat.
  2. When you head out, you might feel the urge to order a treat. However, you should stick to healthy menu items which are nutritious and low in calories. If you want to treat yourself, prepare the treat at home- don’t eat it in a restaurant.
  3. Order all sauces, dressings, and butter on the side, so that you can control what goes into your food.
  4. Remember your nutritional goals as you head out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so that you do not order a meal that does not advance your goals.
  5. Drink water or sparkling water, and add a lemon sliver for added taste.

Restaurant Guide: DONTs

  1. Do not order food that is described as creamed, smothered, fried, or battered. These types of food are usually delicious, but they have a high calorie count and a low nutrient count. By staying away from them, you will ensure that you are not consuming foods that are disallowed on the program.
  2. Do not fall for peer pressure when it comes to choosing a meal, especially when you are eating out with people who are not on the program. This type of pressure will derail your progress.
  3. Do not arrive at a restaurant without planning on what you are going to eat, as this will cause you to make unhealthy choices.


You can use this restaurant 21 day fix review guide to direct your actions when you eat out. Good luck to you!

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Seven Delicious 21 Day Fix Recipes

Now that you have chosen the 21 day fix program as the vehicle that will deliver you to your destination of good health and fitness let’s try to see how we can make the journey enjoyable. Sticking to the program will call for adjusting some of your eating habits and adapting new ones. You will also have new meals introduced to the diet to achieve the goal. Here we provide you with 21 day fix recipes that will be of great value to you during the program. There are many recipes that can be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner though we shall try to cover the most common and readily available.

Breakfast Recipes

1. Power Oats (contains one yellow and one red). You get a quarter cup of oatmeal that was cooked earlier and combine it with one egg and two egg whites.

2. For a simple breakfast with one purple, yellow and red containers. You cook one-quarter of oats, one small apple, and two eggs. If it’s desired, you can opt to top the meal with cinnamon and one teaspoon Truvia.

Lunch recipes:

3. Green Machine Smoothie that contains one red, purple and green container. You will need one scoop strawberry shake ology, half of a banana, one green container of spinach and one teaspoon coconut oil though optional. You will use twelve ounces water, and you can ice to taste.

4. The Buffalo Stuffed potato meal with one red and one yellow container. With half chicken breast baked, and half-baked white potato. You can then top it with hot sauce and sometimes a little Greek yogurt together with the room left over from the red container. One of the quickest lunches to have. You can team it up with salad to include the green containers

5. The Tuna Salad of one green, red and orange container. You can make it by having one can of tuna, one green container that can get mixed with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. Use the balsamic vinegar and an extra virgin olive oil for orange.

Dinner recipes:

6. Healthy Taco Salad of one red, orange and green container. You need a browned beef, turkey or chicken depending on your preference. The mix of lettuce, tomatoes and onions as green together with shredded cheese for the orange.

7. The broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken. It’s a good meal for dinner and it is well filling. Its ingredients will include the following. One chicken breast counting as the red container, cheddar cheese as blue and frozen broccoli acting as the green container are the main ingredients. You also need salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

21 day fix recipes

Most of the above beachbody hammer & chisel recipes are not the only available methods that one can stick to but before you settle on a recipe, ensure that you have done enough study and research. There are many other recipes available that will help you stick to the program and enjoy it.

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10 HIIT Workout Benefits

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been gaining traction in the fitness world, with more and more gyms offering this training on a regular basis. For everyone who might be unfamiliar with HIIT, it is a workout that alternates between bursts of intense activity and recovery periods composed of low-impact activity or even rest.

HIIT Workout Benefits

For example you can sprint for 1 minute, and then follow it up with 2 minutes of walking before you repeat the process again. If this 3-minute HIIT is repeated 5 times, you will undergo a 15-minute workout session.

So what benefits does this type of training afford participants? That is what we will be looking at below.

Ten HIIT Workout Benefits

  1. HIIT is Efficient

The HIIT workout is exceptionally time efficient, making it perfect for all individuals with a busy schedule. You can fit this workout during your lunch-break or even before a big event.

And if you are wondering whether a short workout time is efficient, let me alleviate your worries. Studies have proven that 15 minutes of interval training performed three times a week allows for more progress than an hour on the treadmill.

In fact, 2 weeks of HIIT was shown to improve aerobic capacity by the same amount as 6-8 weeks of endurance training.

  1. HIIT Burns More Fat

If you are looking to burn fat in your workouts, then HIIT is perfect for you. The intense exercise burns more calories than the average workout, while working to activate Exercise Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) in the body.

EPOC is an increase in the rate of oxygen intake after participation in a strenuous activity, in attempt to erase oxygen debt in the body. EPOC causes the release of fatty acids which are used as fuel for our bodies during the recovery period, allowing our bodies to burn fat for over 24 hours after the HIIT is complete.

  1. HIIT Promotes a Healthy Heart

Have you ever experienced a point in your exercise routine where you cannot breathe and your heart feels like it is about to burst out of your chest? If you haven’t, you are one of many people who do not enter the anaerobic zone during workouts.

However, HIIT guarantees that you will push into the anaerobic zone, in turn causing your heart to grow stronger and healthier.

  1. HIIT Does Not Call For Equipment

While equipment is great, it is often bulky and expensive. Thankfully, no equipment is necessary during HIIT. HIIT uses our body as a medium of exercise, with jumping lunges, high knees, and fast feet working well to increase our heart rate without the addition of equipment.

  1. HIIT Is Convenient

In continuation from the previous point, HIIT is convenient. Whether you are at home, at a gym, in a hotel, or on a boat, you can take part in your training. The reason that HIIT can be adapted so easily is because the concept is simple and no equipment is necessary.

  1. HIIT Allows You to Lose Weight

Whenever there is a high-intensity workout, people always fear that they will lose muscle mass together with fat. Thankfully, HIIT allows participants to lose weight coming from fat stores while preserving muscle.

  1. HIIT Increases Metabolism

As we mentioned earlier, HIIT results in EPOC which speeds up our metabolism so that we can burn fat for up to 24 hours after the workout. This increase in the metabolic rate is also accompanied by an increase of up to 450% in the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production, which increases caloric burn while working to slow down aging.

  1. HIIT Helps Eliminate Metabolic Waste

HIIT trains our body to efficiently eliminate the metabolic waste that is found in our muscles during the intervals between intense activities. This effective elimination of waste byproducts like lactate is the reason that you can perform multiple sets of intense exercises in a short period.

  1. HIIT is Challenging

Many steady-state exercise routines offer few results, and this is because they challenge aerobic fitness while forgetting about anaerobic fitness. However, HIIT challenges the anaerobic system, and the result is a dramatic improvement in muscle power, calorie burning, weight loss, and endurance.

  1. HIIT Can Be Tailored To Your Goals

HIIT can be tailored to target the muscles of your choice, including your glutes, triceps, back muscles, lower extremities, and abs to name a few.

With this information you can clearly see why HIIT is so popular among fitness enthusiasts. If you were not convinced before, now I am sure that you are just itching to try out HIIT. Good luck as you embark on this exciting journey!

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Does Insanity Max 30 Work?

Insanity Max 30 is a 60 days fitness program that comes with 12 30 minutes workouts. But that’s not all, each of these workouts are in itself quite explosive in nature. There are 10 workouts are primarily divided into two phases that lasts about 30 days each and there are two bonus workouts which you can do anytime during the entire duration of this program. These workouts are not just intense, but comes with 150 moves which will surely push your establish boundaries. But the best thing is you don’t need any additional weight or equipments for these workouts. Wonderding does Insanity Max 30 work? Here are reasons to show you if it really works.

Who is the program targeted at?

You might be a little scared after hearing about the explosive workouts, but this program is simply for anyone who wishes to boost their fitness. A modifier which is included in this program can simplify any workout to meet the fitness levels. So, you just don’t need to be afraid if you are a beginner and start using this program.

What are the goals of Insanity Max 30?

1. The main goal of insanity max 30 is to get your body ripped, starting from your head top to the toe tips.
2. Along with this, the cardio workouts used in the program are specially meant to get rid of all your body fat effortlessly so that you can have a lean body for yourself to show off.
3. On the other hand, the strength moves aims to define muscles as well as sculpt the entire body so that you have a great body you have always dreamt to achieve.

Does Insanity Max 30 WorkDoes this program really work?

Well, without any doubt this program works and even better than most other similar programs. It can give you a perfect body in just two months while others might or might not be able to give it in one year. Apart from this the program is really safe and doesn’t backfire. So, you can be relaxed to get the desired result without any worry. Talking about results, here are some reasons that show why insanity max 30 works.

• The whole point of the program is to push you to your limits or to the Max. In simple words, you will be spending 100% of your efforts during all the 30 minute workout and if you ask anyone who has tried these workouts, they will tell you they have give all their intensity they had in this 30 minutes.

• The aim of the fitness program is to squeeze the optimal performance out of you. The modifier included in the program manages to simplify the workouts so that you as a beginner can participate in the workouts easily. This means optimal performance can be achieved by both advanced exerciser as well as beginners.

• Most people can go for just a 3 minutes workout before the Max Out. However, most people who use this program go through Max Out after 20 minutes of workout during the 60 days. This shows the endurance and constant improvement that you can achieve through this program.

It can be easily said that Insanity Max 30 works with you having an overall improved physical fitness over the span of 60 days. However, this program works only if you are in a decent shape and you put maximum efforts to get maximum results. So, you can surely see that this amazing fitness and nutrition program works only if you are willing to push your limits to the highest extent.

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